Asya – an experienced Hebrew tutor from Israel

"I teach students to speak and write in Hebrew from scratch, and help them prepare for exams and immigration"
Learning Hebrew from scratch is an important but challenging task. Especially with ulpan, where everyone has different leaning styles and paces. Our founders know this firsthand.

You can forget about this problem with one-on-one classes. Whether you are Oleh Chadash or just thinking of immigration – you’ll be speaking Hebrew in no time!

My name is Asya and I’ve been teaching Hebrew since 2013. I work with students who want to learn the language from scratch and help them develop both speaking and writing. WIth more advanced students I love doing exam preparations and learning more complex vocabulary and grammar.

I believe that everyone has their unique learning style, which is why I try to tailor the program to meet each person’s goals and interests. I also love introducing my students to the culture and traditions of Israel.

Learning a new language isn’t simply about words and grammar points. It also helps develop critical thinking and overcome cultural barriers!

  • 9+ years of experience
    Asya has been teaching Hebrew since 2013
  • Lessons for all levels
    You will learn to speak and write, even if you've never studied Hebrew before
  • Understand the culture, not just the language
    Asya will tell you about the way of life and the most interesting traditions of Israel


4 lessons
1 month

For those who want to stay immersed in the language environment and practice the language!
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16 lessons
3 months

The quick learning process and wrap-speed improvement of your language skills :)
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