Welcome on board!
Welcome on board!


One of our personal tutors will help you learn a foreign language from the comfort of your own home.
Start at any stage and have one of our native speakers personally coach you to fluency in just six months without needing to memorize a textbook.
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Learn any of 20 languages for
less than 6 months!
Native Speakers Courses is an international one-on-one training program designed for people who learn best by speaking and dialogue. Our tutors will assist you every step of the way because we understand that practice makes you better. Our instructors are native speakers of English, French, Italian and even Japanese.
German language
German language
Learn German with a native German tutor!
English language
English language
Learn English with a native English speaker tutor
Learn Czech with a native Czech speaker tutor
Learn Portuguese with a Brazilian or Portuguese tutor
Portuguese language
Learn Portuguese with a Brazilian or Portuguese tutor
Learn French with a tutor from France
Learn Hebrew with an Israeli tutor
Learn Hindi with a tutor from India
Learn Chinese with a tutor from China
Learn Greek with a tutor from Greece
Learn Romanian with a tutor from Romania
Learn Italian with a tutor from Italy
Japanese language
Japanese language
Learn Japanese with a Japanese teacher
Learn Spanish with a tutor from Spain or Latin America
Learn with an Indonesian tutor
Learn with an Indonesian tutor
Learn Arabic language with a native Arabic tutor
Learn Arabic language with a native Arabic tutor
Learn Dutch Language with a tutor from Holland
Dutch Language
Learn Dutch Language with a tutor from Holland
Learn Catalan language with a tutor from Catalonia
Learn Catalan language with a tutor from Catalonia
Learn Croatian with a tutor from Croatia
Learn Croatian with a tutor from Croatia
Learn Serbian with a tutor from Serbia
Learn Serbian with a tutor from Serbia

Learn irrespective of background!

Your personal language coach and tutor will assist you in overcoming any prior language learning difficulties:
у меня нет способности к языкам
I'm just not good at understanding new languages.

Whether you were taught incorrectly or didn't get the information well, our instructors will guide you through the learning process and focus on vital foundations that will allow you to learn at your own pace. Naturally speaking, anyone has the potential to learn new languages and even become a polyglot. We'll work with you to improve your natural language skills!
Я не могу говорить, хотя много знаю
I don't need the language.

Watching movies without subtitles or dubbing, reading in a foreign language, and freely conversing with locals when traveling all contribute to a fantastic sense of world unity and harmony! People who can communicate in more than one language are often employed ahead of other applicants for jobs!
Делаю много ошибок и выгляжу глупо
Even though I understand a lot, I just can't speak

One of the main parts of our curriculum is for you to practice speaking a foreign language out loud with someone who can help you understand how to say the words you already know and put them into meaningful expressions.
Мне не нужен язык
I tend to forget everything

This is unavoidable, particularly if you haven't had much to practice with. Right from the first time you meet with our team, you will be deeply immersed in practice. We'll help you dust off your childhood knowledge and improve your language skills, as well as show you various means to practice by yourself!
Я все забыл/-а
I commit too many blunders and look foolish!

It's not a big issue! Even if it is their native tongue, everyone makes mistakes in their language. Your coach will figure out what level of training you require based on your blunders, and we will assist you in starting from there and correct any minor mistakes you may have to encounter.
Мне слишком много лет, чтобы учить язык
I'm too old to learn a new language

We have a student that is as old as 87 years who studied English and moved to the United States thereafter with his son! Are you older than him? If yes, then consider it an opportunity to break his record.
Anika Brain is the project founder
Anika Brain
About Anika
  • Polyglot (7 languages)
  • Mother of two bilingual children (Russian + English)
  • A veteran in study motivation and researcher of the capabilities of the human brain
  • Contributor to WHAT, Forbes, HappyMama, MEL, WorkingMama, Hubspeakers, SheDreams, and many other publications.
  • Speaker and host of masterclasses and webinars in the spheres of motivation, industry, and education
  • Personal development and training consultant
  • Sorbonne Paris-1 (2008-2009)
  • Higher School of Economics — National Research University
  • Moscow Business School, Skolkovo (2016)
Where did the project come from?
  • Anika Brain: "I've been studying foreign languages since the age of five and assisting others since the age of eighteen."
  • 2007: Native Speakers Club – grant to HSE Business Inc.
  • 2016: Antishkola Native Speakers Club&Cafe – Skolkovo Business School's project of the year in the category "Education."
Anika Brain
International students have successfully defeated challenges and learned to speak confidently with local speakers in novel languages.

14 years
Our team has shared the pleasure of learning new lingos with others successfully.
Have invited their families and friends to join them in studying and learning a new language via our program.
145 000
Native expert speakers have led sessions since the launch of our program.
What are the lessons like?
90 min.
1. Personal tutor – a professional and native speaker with high teaching training and knowledge in your language of choice.
Two meetings during the course + online-support
2. Personal coach
Included in the cost
Six months
3. Private review of your results and personal manager
Included in the cost
Calculate the cost of your program
We will find out your goals and deadlines to state how much your program will cost.
Рассчитать стоимость
Why us?
Since 2006, we've heard over 50,000 stories from people who have tried and failed to learn a new language. People have been learning foreign languages for years - in school, at university, with tutors, and in English classes - and yet, despite having the ability to learn and speak a new language, they can't remember how to put a sentence together when they meet a native speaker.

We do not desire this to continue!
We are combating ineffectiveness!
We detest stories where people spend their precious time and a tremendous amount of money without getting the desired outcome.

It is vital for us to enjoy the success of every of our students, which is why:

Native Speakers Courses is hitting right on target!

Until we sort out things like helping you set a clear goal and get you geared up, you won't start your journey of learning a new language.

Native Speakers Courses uses brain science during your lessons and
- will help you in fighting procrastination
- will also use a total immersion in the communication process
- will create an emotional connection with a tutor
- will train all perception channels with the assistance of a multi-input system
- will immerse in a flow state (the highest productivity state) by creating a relaxing environment during every session.

100% moneyback

If you take our course and still can't communicate fluently with a native, we will refund your money. We offer a guarantee because we are confident in our capability to successfully teach you a new language. We are 100 percent sure that you will begin speaking in your preferred language.

Native Speakers Courses gives the experience, not just the theory
When you study with a native speaker, you gain communication experience rather than the theoretical knowledge of constructing a dialogue with a foreigner. Because all of our tutors are experts in various fields (including economics, law, finance, art, and many others), you will have access to up-to-date information and data used in the United States, France, England, and other parts of the world.
Are you still skeptical and can't take the bold step yet?
State the fact of past failures.
Yes, it isn't easy to buckle down and try again after many failed attempts at learning a new language. The most challenging part for our clients is sometimes picking up the phone and calling us because they have difficulties speaking a language and have stopped speaking it at all; It is perfectly normal, and a little practice with one of our experts can go a long way.
Lessen the emotional level of your choice
Remember that learning a new language is a decision to significantly improve one's standard of living, not a one-time whim. The primary thing you need to reside permanently in a foreign country, school abroad, make your company go international, rise to a leadership position, or find a foreign spouse is professional native speakers to put you through. Our team is equipped to assist anyone who wishes to start learning a new language irrespective of their level and guide them through the process.
Just take the first step
The rest is our responsibility. Recent neuroscience research shows that to begin doing something new, we only need to focus on the "Beginning of the process" point, after which the level of discomfort is significantly reduced. Our experts employ brain science to make language learning as stress-free as possible. Over 12,000 people have chosen Native Speakers Courses because we make learning as easy as possible!
Native Speakers Courses support team
People who will be right behind you, cheering you on and encouraging your confidence.
Coach with over 19 years of psychology and personal development experience. He has been living in Russia for over ten years and has a thorough understanding of the Russian mentality.
Yasna Tokarik
Yasna is our team's crown jewel. She deals with the most challenging cases, such as a child's complete lack of interest in learning, hatred for a language, fear of moving to another country, and so on.
Individual approach
A language coach, a psychologist, and a personal coordinator will assist you in keeping track of your progress. They will assist you in correctly setting goals, finding motivation, overcoming language barriers, and ultimately achieving success.
Multi-mode system
There are numerous learning formats available, including books, games, films, travel music, chatting, and viewing exhibitions. We could be reading newspapers today, rehearsing a meeting with a foreign partner tomorrow, and watching a movie the day after tomorrow. There's a lot more.
Theory and practice have a 20:80 percent correlation. From the very first lesson, you'll be speaking and consequently improving your speaking skills. The best way to learn a new language is to start speaking it! We believe that the most effective way to learn a language is to practice your speaking skills while also learning in new and fun ways!
How do we create a personal education plan?
Guy, a Los Angeles-based professional educator, discusses his teaching method.

1. He conducts a comprehensive assessment of the student's knowledge in the first stage (speaking, listening, reading, grammar).

2. Guy prepares a General English course based on the student's level (business, accent removal, marketing) if no other requests are made. He then assigns homework and uses the recommended textbooks as well as his own materials.

3. Throughout the entire studying process, he identifies and eliminates the student's weak points. If the methods he has chosen do not work, he seeks out new ones, constantly adapting the program - which is understandable given that each student is unique.
He has his personal teaching method
Learn any language you want with our international team of teachers
English, French, German, Italian, Spanish, Japanese, Chinese and more!

Our English language tutors

Show more

French, Spanish, Italian, German and other languages tutors

"What if this is just another program that won't work?" you might be thinking.
We don't use the "one-of-a-kind method."
Because our strategy is simple – you start using the language, all of our clients learn to speak a new language easily.
You are free to give up now.
But that means you are eliminating your chances of learning the language. Give us just one more chance to prove to you that it's not yet over.
You need only 30 minutes
And you will see that with a bit of help, you can speak a foreign language.
From 19$
Just a 30-minutes meeting to get you started. No work; just a face-to-face meeting
4 lessons
1 month

For those who want to stay immersed in the language environment and practice the language!
Book now
16 lessons
3 months

The quick learning process and wrap-speed improvement of your language skills :)
Book now
4 lessons

1 month
Not to forget the foreign language and practice with professional native speakers!
Book now
16 lessons
3 months
Wrap-speed studying process and regular language practicing!
Book now
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