Anastasia – French native speaker,
professional interpreter and teacher

"My biggest passion is languages"

My name is Anastasia. I'm a French teacher based in the south of France.

I've been teaching for six years and also translating. My biggest passion is languages, that's why I'm teaching it at the university, in private schools and in private-lessons.

I have several diplomas (didactic, translation and negotiation of international projects).
I probably have too many hobbies because I don't have enough time for all of them unfortunately.

Living not so far from the beach I practise paddle, I like hiking and my œnology classes. But my biggest passion is still my dog Oby.
  • Certified specialist
    Anastasia has deep knowledge in the field of pedagogy
  • Fun and interactive lessons
    Anastasia comes up with tailored lesson plans for every student. She uses different materials to create a relaxed atmosphere and encourage them to speak French freely.
  • Experienced interpreter
    Anastasia will be able to share with you her life hacks on understanding French speech and building a competent answer
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