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At EASY30, we understand the challenge of moving from a comfortable level of language knowledge to becoming truly proficient. Our Boost Proficiency Program is designed to help you bridge that gap and achieve your language goals.

Our founders initially had reservations about the program, but they quickly discovered its effectiveness. In just over a month, they were able to progress from regular Intermediate to Advanced level, enabling them to confidently pitch in English, a language they previously only used in casual settings such as restaurants and hotels while traveling.

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So, what's the secret behind our program's success? Rather than traditional language training methods, which typically involve 1-2 hour-long sessions per week with a teacher, our Boost Proficiency Program focuses on targeted, intensive coaching with a dedicated BOOST coach. These coaching sessions last just 30 minutes, several times a week. This approach ensures minimal disruption to your daily routine while still providing maximum language immersion, resulting in an exceptional learning outcome.

How it works?

Find a 30 minute slot in your schedule
You can find 30 minutes even in the tightest schedule. That's enough to learn a couple of new important words, discuss a news article with your teacher, or watch a short video in your target language. Doesn't sound like much? It is, if you do it every day!
Tell us about yourself
Making language practice as simple for you as possible requires some preparation on our side. To achieve the best results, we need to know about your previous learning experiences, goals and interests. That way we’ll create a study plan that’s effective for YOU.
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You will become fluent after 3-6 weeks of regular 30 minute meetings.

Don't let the language barrier hold you back any longer.

Enroll in our Boost Proficiency Program today and discover how quickly and easily you can achieve your language goals.

At EASY30, we take language proficiency seriously, and that's why our instructors are specially trained to help you improve your language skills. All of our trainers are native speakers, professional teachers, and have completed a rigorous coaching program with a minimum of 5 years of specialized training experience.


Study with any device
You can use any device that has a stable internet connection. No additional applications other than those commonly used by everyone are required. Learn anywhere, anytime.
Track your progress
Receive regular session reports from your tutor, so you can keep track of your progress.
Practice as often as you want
Choose a schedule according to your goals. Our BOOST coordinators are always ready to help you create a personal study plan.
Packages & Prices

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Money back guarantee.

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