Adel is a TEFL certified native speaker from the USA

"I believe humor is one of the best ways to help students remember new words and grammar rules"

My name is Adel and I have been teaching English online for over 5 years. I have taught more than 9 000 online classes from all levels. I am also an engineer, I actually started teaching English online back when I was a student, and I loved this job so much that I continued doing it even after I graduated and started working as an engineer.

My classroom is full of laughter and energy. I believe humor is one of the best ways to help students remember new words and grammar rules. I don't use traditional ways to teach vocabulary and I tailor the class content exactly to each student's needs. I rely on the student picking up the language rather than just blindly repeating new words.

In my free time I enjoy reading, doing sports, and learning new languages. I actually speak 6 languages including a little Russian, but I am not very good at it. I also enjoy creating 3D digital art too. I program using Python and I also like to create small video games.
  • Interactive lessons
    Adel uses different software to make things more visually interesting for the student
  • Technical English
    He holds a Master's Degree in Structural Engineering and is currently studying interior design and 3D visualization
  • Individual approach
    Adel likes to tailor the class content exactly to each student's needs!
Adel is a highly sought-after teacher and one of the most popular tutors at Native Speakers Courses
In just three months, Adel's teaching abilities and engaging personality have made him the most wanted teacher among our clients. In fact, three out of four students come to us through word-of-mouth recommendations from our long-term customers.

Adel is also an experienced VR education project leader, with a talent for creating immersive and engaging educational experiences. As a skilled 3D designer, Adel is able to bring complex educational concepts to life in a way that is both intuitive and visually appealing. Adel is also a visionary, with a keen understanding of how emerging technologies can be used to revolutionize the way we learn.

With a track record of success in education and a passion for innovation, Adel is a valuable part of our teaching team. Whether leading a project, designing educational experiences, or inspiring students, Adel is committed to making a positive impact on the world through education.
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