Job interview training 

For those who don't want to forget all the right words and fail their self-presentation

Together with international HR agencies and certified ESL teachers, we’ve created this course to help you prepare for a job interview in English.

We teach foreign languages using the best practices in EdTech. Our programs are tailored to meet each student’s goals. From conversational lessons and specialized business courses to classes aimed at kids with special educational needs.

Whether you’re preparing for a business conference, an international exam or relocation – we have the right course for you.
Mock interview
A professional tutor will help you determine your strongest points, as well as the areas that need some practice.
Structured self-presentation
Create a presentation that will make the right impression on any potential employer.
Tips on how to deal with tricky questions
Learn how to talk about your previous experience, biggest weakness and salary expectations. 
CV review 
Create a resume that will highlight your biggest strengths and achievements. 
Tips on how to make small talk
Learn how to make the right impression and form a connection with the interviewer.
Storytelling and general impression
Master the art of selling yourself, using the right vocabulary, speaking skills and body language.
Jonathan – a professional tutor from Canada

His main area of expertise is exam preparation: Cambrige Exams, Academic IELTS, Australian TOEFL, OGE and EGE

He works with people from different cultural backgrounds and speaks multiple languages: English, Spanish, French and Russian.

Jonathan also helps students prepare for job interviews at international companied, teaches General English, as well as business vocabulary.

A professional tutor from Canada
JD – a certified teacher from the USA

He specializes in IT/Digital/VC/Startup/EdTech. He has a lot of experience teaching English and preparing his students for interviews in international companies.

Areas of expertise: IT , Finance, English - TOEFL , English - Scholastic Assessment Test (SAT) , English - Preliminary English Test (PET) , English - Key English Test (KET) , English - IELTS, English - First Certificate in English (FCE) , English - Certificate of Proficiency in English (CPE) , English - Certificate in Advanced English (CAE)

A certified native tutor from the USA
Anna Storozhenko top IT recruiter with 10+ years of experience

Anna’s main area of expertise is relocation. She helps IT specialists get the best job offers on the European and British market.

During the sessions you will:
  1. Analyze different types of interviews.
  2. Review case studies (real companies and job offers that appeal to the candidate).
  3. Do mock HR-calls, Culture fit questions and Behavioral interviews.
  4. Receive feedback.
  5. Work on your errors
+homework after every mock interview!

Anna Storozhenko
HR at an international IT company


$ 546

Includes 10 sessions for 60 minutes

(8 lessons with a native speaker + 2 sessions with Anna Storozhenko)

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