Anika – teacher and traveler, native german speaker

"CONFIDENCE is the key to learn a language successfully"
Hello everyone
I'm Anika from the south of Germany, I'm native german speaker.

I love nature, traveling, hiking and especially good and deep conversations.
In 2018 I traveled for one year with my backpack and could gather a lot of international experiences through Volunteering (New Zealand, Australia, New Caledonia, Asia). Teaching children in Indonesia and building the first english library in Sulawesi was life-changing for me and the start of my teaching journey.

Since 2019 I give German lessons for people all over the world and I love it!!
Looking forward to help & getting to know YOU!

"NO MISTAKES, NO PROGRESS" is one of my Guidelines!

I think CONFIDENCE is the key to learn a language successfully! So just free yourself from doubts and fears and speak with me!

Learning a language with context, connected to your personal Life and interests will make it so much easier. Tell me what you want to achieve or how I can help and we will figure together out what works best for you! I will motivate you longterm
  • Experienced teacher

    Anika has experience working with adults and kids of different levels and backgrounds

  • Lesson like journey
    Anika, who is an experienced traveler, will use her knowledge of different cultures to make your language learning journey more enjoyable and stimulating
  • Context is important
    Anika encourages you to find ways to connect the new language to your personal life and interests. This will make the learning process much easier and more enjoyable.
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