Welcome on board!
Welcome on board!


Start earning from 20$/hour teaching highly motivated students online and offline!
A steady stream of new students.
Monthly our most popular tutors earn up to 3500$.
Native Speakers Courses is a personal one-on-one training program for those who learn best by speaking and doing. Our tutors are masters in English, French, Italian, and even Japanese!
people have learned how to speak new languages fluently with our native speakers tutors
14 years
our team successfully takes care of the students and teachers
6 months
on average our students study with their personal tutors
4 350 000$
our native speakers tutors already earned with us
We help all our teachers out by keeping them busy with a full schedule and providing them with highly motivated customers.

If you are a professional foreign language teacher with free time in your schedule who'd like to earn more – we would be more than happy to welcome you to the Native Speakers Courses community.
Here's how to join us:
  • A coordinator will contact you after we get your request
  • We will then invite you to an interview with a professional linguist who can check how professional you are, your experience, expertise and teaching skills.
  • We will also check your certification and other supporting documents that can help prove your experience and professional teaching skills.
Join our team!
More then 350 tutors from USA, Italy, France, German working with us
  • Maria
    "Hey! My name is Maria and I'm a TEFL-certified tutor from Canberra, Australia. I studied at the University of Melbourne and have been teaching for nine years. I'm motivated, energetic and love helping people become fluent speakers! I currently teach both kids (5+) and adults and use a wide range of textbooks, games, songs, activities, writing activities and debate topics to get my students motivated and inspired to learn. My lessons are fun and engaging, and I'm passionate about my student's individual needs and goals."
  • Andrea
    "Hi! My name is Andrea, I'm from Barcelona, Spain. I've been teaching spanish to russian stundents for more than 3 years now, but I started teaching spanish back when I lived in Barcelona. I have a major in Economics and a master in Logistics and Supply Chain. Right now I'm finishing a specialization course to officially become a Spanish teacher by the Miguel de Cervantes University. "
  • Stephen
    "Hello! My name is Steven. I have a degree in business and a masters degree in business administration (innovation and concept development). I have around twenty years of teaching experience and have taught all levels from beginner and advanced and all age ranges from children to adults. I also have experience with exams."
  • Adam
    "Hello! My name is Adam I received my CELTA certificate in 2001 by Cambridge University. I have been teaching English in Moscow since then. I have taught all levels and have more than twenty years of experience in the field.
    I helped students prepare and pass their TEFL, IELTS, TOIC, EGE, exams with flying colours. My spoken Russian is near upper intermediate, so I can use it if needed."
  • USA
    "Hello, my name is Georgie and I am a native English speaker from New York City. I am currently residing in Moscow. I studied Psychology in University and I have been tutoring since I was 20 years old. I love working with both children and adults of all ages."
  • USA
    "Hey! I'm a native speaker from the US. I've been teaching English in Russia for 5 years, working mostly with adult and teenage students. Before I moved to Russia, I taught English composition courses at North Dakota State University and worked as a writing tutor while earning my master's degree in English."
Anika Brain is the project founder
Anika Brain
About Anika
  • An expert in study motivation and researcher of the capabilities of the human brain
  • Polyglot (7 languages)
  • Mother of two bilingual children (Russian + English)
  • Author of popular articles on Forbes, WHAT, MEL, happymama, WorkingMama, SheDreams, Hubspeakers and more
  • Personal development and training consultant
  • Speaker and host of masterclasses and webinars in the fields of education, business and motivation

  • Higher School of Economics — National Research University
  • Sorbonne Paris-1 (2008-2009)
  • Skolkovo Moscow Business School (2016)

Where did the project come from?
  • Anika Brain: "I have been learning foreign languages since I was 5 and have been helping others since I was 18"
  • 2007: Native Speakers Club - grant to HSE Business Inc
  • 2016: Antishkola Native Speakers Club&Cafe – the project of the year in the category "Education" Skolkovo Business School.
Anika Brain
Why us?
Since 2006, we have listened to more than 50,000 stories from people who have not succeeded at learning a new language. How people have been learning foreign languages for years - in school, at university, with tutors and in English classes - and although they have the skills to learn and speak a new language, when they meet a native speaker they cannot remember how to put a sentence together.

We don't want this to continue! We help people to start speaking foreign languages!
Individual approach
A language coach, psychologist and personal coordinator - help to track students' results. They help a student to set teir goals correctly, find motivation, break down the language barrier, and achieve success.
Multi-mode system
Lots of different learning formats: books, films, music, games, travel, watch exhibitions, chatting. Today we read newspapers, tomorrow we are rehearsing a meeting with a foreign partner, the day after tomorrow we are watching a film. And much more.
Correlation between theory and practice – 20:80%. The students talk from the first lesson and gain speech skills along the way. We believe that practicing speaking skills while also learning in new and fun ways is the most effective way to learn a language!
Our partners
We're open for cooperations!
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After being accepted
  • 1
    We will record your voice and take professional quality photos in order to make you a Profile on our website
  • 2
    We will check your schedule and find out when you're available and what areas you can teach in

    Our managers are always ready to answer your questions.
  • 3
    We will coordinate your schedule with potential customer
  • 4
    You can then start teaching immediately, as soon as the next day
  • 5
    We will regularly check and monitor your professionalism with your existing customers
    Our company works according to the principle of individual approach to every teacher. This method lets us to get success in problems of all levels.
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Need more Details?
Contact us!
Contact our coordinator by texting +1 (814) 300-8350, explain that you are a professional teacher and want to join our club, he (she) will explain all the details.

Our HR Department e-mail is hr@nsc24.org