10 Best Speeches to Boost Motivation

Motivational speeches can help to motivate, inspire and encourage people. They can give people the courage and determination to achieve their goals and dreams. With the help of these speeches, people can become driven and move towards success. Here are 10 of the best motivational speeches to help you reach your goals.
Eric Thomas – Secrets to Success

Eric Thomas is a famous American author and motivational speaker. Having experienced a poor childhood and even homelessnes, he’s managed to get his life back on track. His story is a true inspiration to struggling people from all over the world. In his well-known speech he gives three steps that will change your perspective and ultimately lead you to a meaningful and successful life.
Will Smith – The Pursuit of Happyness

This video is taken from the hit movie The Pursuit of Happyness, in which Will Smith plays a struggling father who’s trying to create a better future for his son. The speech he gives him is a great reminder that you should never give up on your dreams, regardless of who’s trying to stop you. Just keep working hard and believing in yourself, and success will follow.
Tony Robbins – Why We Do What We Do
Tony Robbins is one of the most famous motivational figures in the world. He is a best-selling author, coach, and orator who’s made a name for himself for giving inspiring speeches in all corners of the planet. In this video he talks about motivation, decision-making, finding your true purpose, and achieving whatever you set your mind to.
Mel Robbins – How To Stop Screwing Yourself Over
Mel Robbins is a married working mother of three, an ivy-educated criminal lawyer, and one of the top career and relationship experts in America. In her famous TED talk, she shares her tips on how to achieve what you truly want and to develop fulfilinig relationships with the people you have in your life.
Kobe Bryant – The Moment You Give Up Is The Moment You Let Someone Else Win
Kobe Bryant was one of the most successful and skilled basketball players in the world. In this video he shares his best advice about motivation and achieving success in your career. He talks about becoming who you want to be by putting in hard work and discipline. This video is a must-watch for everyone who thinks that talent is the most important thing in life.
Simon Sinek – How Great Leaders Inspire Action
Simon Sinek is a British born American author and inspirational speaker. In this speech he breaks down what great leadership looks like by analyzing the examples of Apple, Martin Luther King, and the Wright brothers. The video is one of the most popular TED talks of all time with over 17 million views, so it’s definitely worth a shot!
Oprah Winfrey – All That Is Possible Is Possible For Me
Oprah Winfrey needs no introduction. She is an American talk show host, television producer, author, and philanthropist. In this video she shares three life advice that will allow you to take control of your life and change your future. Her speech is truly inspiring, with an emphasis on the spiritual side of life and the importance it has for a person.
Arnold Schwarzenegger – 6 Rules of Success
Arnold Schwarzenegger is a man of many talents, and one of them is being a great motivational speaker. In this video you’ll find out about his 6 rules for success. Arnie talks about the importance of trusting yourself, figuring out what makes you happy, as well as the significance of breaking some rules to get what you want.
Jim Rohn – Feed Your Mind By Success
Jim Rohn was an American entrepreneur, author, and motivational speaker. In this video he shares the the secret behind thinking big that will help you form the right habits required for success. He talks about surrounding yourself with positive content, avoiding distractions, cultivating discipline, and changing your mindset.
Zig Ziglar – Attitude Makes All the Difference
Zig Ziglar was an American author, salesman, and motivational speaker. In this video Ziglar tells the story of a woman who hated her job and had a negative attitude to everything in her life. After speaking with Zig and applying some of his principles, she managed to turn things around and and change her life for the better.
These 10 motivational speeches can help to inspire and motivate you to reach your goals and dreams. Listen to them and get inspired to make the changes in your life that you have been wanting to make. Don’t let anything stop you from achieving success!

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