Michelle – an experienced tutor, a native speaker from the USA

"My goal is to show you how language can be used in your daily life"

My name is Michelle, and I have been teaching English and Spanish for all levels for the past 5 years. I studied Business Marketing and Spanish as my majors and I always had a passion for teaching. I began teaching languages when I was really young. I love teaching and I am always thrilled to share my passion for language with others.

My classes are always filled with energy and joy. I focus on meeting each student's needs and I believe that writing can be such an important tool to retaining key information. I love making my classes interactive and fun, so that learning becomes an exciting process. My goal is to show you how language can be used in your daily life.

In my free time I enjoy dancing, playing tennis, exercising. taking pictures of nature, and learning new languages. I am a big fan of being outdoors and taking pictures of sunsets is one of my favorite pastimes.
Interactive lessons
Michelle's goal is to show you that learning can be fun!
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She studied Business Marketing and can help you incorporate English in your work life
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Michelle has experience with students of different levels and backgrounds
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For those who want to stay immersed in the language environment and practice the language!
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The quick learning process and warp-speed improvement of your language skills :)
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Not to forget the foreign language and practice with professional native speakers!
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